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Verdant Oak Behavioral Health (VOBH) psychologists are highly educated and well-suited to meet your therapeutic needs. VOBH psychologists come from competitive educational programs and actively integrate the newest, most effective, research-supported treatment modalities available in all of Pasadena. How do psychologists differ from other clinicians? A psychologist has received a doctoral degree, which includes 5 years of post-graduate education within the field of psychology. A psychologist in Pasadena must accrue at least 3,000 hours of clinical service prior to getting their license and must research and write a book regarding a specialized area of psychology.


Psychologists are expert diagnosticians and are the most therapeutically trained professionals available. While psychologists do not prescribe medications, a psychologist will collaborate with a psychiatrist (medical doctor) regarding a client?s well-being and diagnosis. VOBH is particularly unique in that we are a psychologist-only practice in the Pasadena area.

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Verdant Oak Behavioral Health, Inc.
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South Pasadena, CA 91030


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Verdant Oak Behavioral Health (VOBH) is a group of collaborating psychologists located in South Pasadena.
We provide behavioral health services, including: Adult psychotherapy Child/Adolescent psychotherapy Couples therapy Family therapy Group therapy

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