Post-Holiday Blues

January 02, 2014 at 3:00 AM

The build-up to the holidays is often stressful.  What might seem like a never-ending array of activities, such as buying gifts, planning for parties, visiting relatives, and traveling, can often feel overwhelming.  These demands sometimes seem like they will go on forever.  Some of us dread the holidays, and many of us subsist on adrenaline to stay on top of all of our holiday demands.  Regardless of how you cope, the letdown after the holidays can cause many of us a case of the holiday blues.  All of the activities and busy time may fill a void we didn’t even realize we were experiencing. 

Enacting a New Year’s resolution can provide some people with a way to reduce their blues and to rejuvenate.  While resolutions may seem cheesy, creating small goals and taking time to reflect on our aspirations can be a way to avoid what can become an existential void, whereby we are stuck reflecting upon the meaning of our lives and feeling aimless.  Therapy can sometimes serve to guide us through some goal setting and can also aid in integrating any new revelations the holidays may have bestowed


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