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August 06, 2013 at 4:27 PM


Psychological testing or assessment is an often overlooked resource for both treatment planning and diagnosis.  All too frequently, testing is not considered as a way to enhance treatment outcomes or as an aid in coordinating care to see quicker results.  When someone does become familiar with the idea of testing, they often see it as a means to an end, like getting academic accommodations.  I would argue that testing provides so many more benefits then just accommodations.  Assessment serves as a way to enhance treatment and empowers individuals with information about themselves.

Many individuals and parents may sense that something is amiss with their mood, school/work performance, social prowess, memory, organization, and/or learning. I often hear these difficulties attributed to laziness, lack of motivation, or even “stupidity”, but what if there was another explanation?  What if the real reason you aren’t performing up to snuff at work is because you need more structure?  What if your child is “forgetting” his/her homework because they simply don’t know how to complete it?  What if you are being medicated for anxiety but actually have an attention disorder?  Ignoring these questions can lead to feelings of bewilderment, confusion, and being overwhelmed.

Testing provides answers to these questions.  It allows your medical doctor, therapist, teachers, and even employers to better understand how to help you actualize your potential.  I have found that, with the right interventions and support, people are very rarely lazy all of the time.  They become motivated and begin to realize they CAN, when they once believed they could not.  Children and adults alike can begin to actualize their dreams instead of dreading living their lives.  Don’t you want to know what’s going on?

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