At Verdant Oak, we appreciate diversity -- and understand that different approaches work for different people. For that reason, our South Pasadena adult therapy services include a range of therapeutic approaches, including everything from mindfulness to hypnotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, existential therapy and more.


Our psychologists might use a more short-term therapy or a form of treatment that is longer in scope, depending on the patient’s needs and whether the issue is a longstanding one or has recently developed. And in addition to individual sessions, we also offer couples therapy sessions, parent training, family sessions, and group therapy sessions.


The beauty of offering many different adult therapy options is that our psychologists have plenty of tools to choose from when deciding on the treatment plan that is most likely to be effective. The result is a highly personalized treatment that draws on the strength of the therapist-patient relationship to achieve the patient’s goals.


For more information or to schedule a consultation with one of our South Pasadena adult therapists, please call our office at 323-345-1402 or email us at

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Verdant Oak Behavioral Health (VOBH) is a group of collaborating psychologists located in South Pasadena.
We provide behavioral health services, including: Adult psychotherapy Child/Adolescent psychotherapy Couples therapy Family therapy Group therapy

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