Academic Support

In an effort to provide comprehensive services for students and their parents, we offer academic support. These services include anything from informational to individualized sessions for enhancing educational outcomes.

Educational consulting may include:

  • IEP advocacy & consultation
  • Consulting with parents to improve educational outcomes
  • Organizational/ADHD coaching
  • Study Skills
  • School placement guidance

IEP Advocacy & Consultation
Our IEP advocate, Charlotte Prinkki, helps parents acquire needed special education services for their child from their public school system.  She is familiar with local schools’ resources and can facilitate solutions about which others might not be aware.  Ms. Prinkki collaborates with parents, teachers, and our own psychologists to achieve desired outcomes. This might include such things as reviewing educational documentation and/or assessments along with correspondence from the school, assisting with preparations for IEP and 504 meetings, and attending IEP and 504 meetings.
She can also help parents learn self-advocacy skills, contact the School District or State Department of Education, and assist parents with preparation for Mediation, Due Process Hearings, or refer to legal counsel to handle the case.

Parent Consultation
Our consultant will meet with parents to review students’ academic progress. She can then assist with creating more effective homework strategies and with improving comprehension of new materials. Additionally, Ms. Prinkki can recommend individualized approaches to learning via consultation with parents, teachers, and treatment providers.

Organizational/ADHD coaching
Our ADHD coach will assist clients with creating structure and implementing skills and strategies for managing daily life. Coaching will help clients with ADHD stay focused on their goals, face obstacles, improve time management, and enhance their organizational skills. Our coaching can also help clients reduce distractibility and procrastination.

Study Skills
While subject specific tutoring can be helpful for students struggling with a particular task, many students have trouble with overarching academic themes like writing papers, studying for exams, recalling new materials, utilizing deductive reasoning, or easily comprehending reading assignments. Study skills sessions aid students in improving upon these more central academic struggles. Our educational consultant will meet with you or your child to explore previous learning strategies and aid in the creation and implementation of an individualized learning approach that is more effective and efficient for you.

School Placement
Many children do not learn effectively in certain learning environments, but parents of a student with learning troubles often become overwhelmed at the prospect of finding an educational environment best suited to the unique needs of their child. Our consultant can meet with you to discuss historical learning difficulties and strengths to aid you in determining a school that can optimize your child’s learning. We are aware of many of the educational options in the region and can assist you in considering an array of educational options.

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